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Transit Accident Lawyer Washington DC


Cohen & Cohen, PC serves as one of the most reputable mass transit accident attorney firms in the DC metro area. Serving as public transportation lawyers in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, we have successfully obtained substantial recoveries for those injured in high profile public transportation cases, such as the WMATA train accident in 2009.


In fact, one of our partners, Ms. Kim Brooks-Rodney, is a former attorney for WMATA and therefore possesses unique insights into the guidelines, safety regulations and laws surrounding Washington DC’s metro transit systems. When representing an injured party in a mass transit case, we work with two main goals in mind: to bring some solace to the injured party and his or her loved ones through needed monetary compensation, and to discourage the future endangerment of public transportation passengers.


Every day, thousands of commuters across Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, utilize public transport systems to go to work, take their children to school, and fulfill other daily obligations. We trust our local and state governments to keep us safe and get us where we need to go. While we may groan over the occasional late metrobus or single-tracking service, nobody is ever prepared for the panic, chaos, and tragedy that occur when a vehicle crashes, or a subway car fills with stifling smoke.If you or someone you know has been injured as the result of a public transportation accident, our Washington DC mass transit accident lawyers can help you obtain the compensation necessary for physical and mental healing.


The circumstances around public transportation injury claims vary greatly. The factors that may affect your case include:


Who is found to be at fault- Whether the driver was found to be at fault, or the owner of the vehicle who did not issue proper maintenance, can greatly impact the kind of protection the at-fault party has, and, therefore, your recovery.

The statute of limitations around your case- the statute of limitation to bring a claim against a government entity is typically much shorter than against a private entity.

Whether you have given notice about your claim- If filing a suit against a public entity, you will likely be expected to give advanced notice to the at-fault party.


Any transportation accident can be frightening and leave its victims with physical and mental pain and scarring, but it can be far worse when it involves a trusted public service. A financial recovery cannot erase the emotional impact, but it is an important factor in moving forward and rebuilding your life after an injury. With the help of our Washington DC public transportation accident lawyers, you can obtain the valuable compensation to which you are entitled. We will help you navigate the complexities of your claim and guide you through this confusing and trying time. For a free case evaluation, contact Cohen & Cohen, PC today.


Transit Accident Lawyer Washington DC
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