DC Sports Equipment Injury Lawyers

Product Liability: Sports Equipment Injury

DC Sports Equipment Injury LawyersIf your sports equipment has failed to protect you for injury or has caused your injury, contact an experienced Washington, DC product liability attorney. Both professional and student athletes rely on sports equipment to protect them from harm while in the midst of activity. Sports equipment like helmets, padding, and protective wear are essential in many physical sports. These products undergo testing to help ensure that they perform well under the most trying circumstances. Sometimes, however, the equipment fails to perform as indicated. In these cases, professional and student athletes can face injuries. If you received injuries due to malfunctioning sports equipment, contact the best sports equipment product liability attorney Washington, DC has to offer.

Sports equipment injuries range from strains, sprains, and broken bones to abrasions, lacerations, punctures, and head injuries. Head injuries, in particular, present a very real danger to athletes. Certain athletes, like football players, receive repeated impacts to the head and neck region. These impacts can cause concussions and even traumatic brain injury. Helmets are used to protected the head and neck region, but sometimes they do not offer adequate protection. In these cases, a Washington, DC product liability attorney may be able to determine if you have a case.

Sports equipment must hold up to repeated use in different weather conditions and by numerous different individuals. Equipment may be left outdoors and exposed to the elements. Some equipment is meant to be easily transported, and can be taken apart for maneuverability. If the equipment comes apart during use, however, injuries can result, especially if any exposed pieces have sharp edges or could cause a puncture. That’s why sports equipment manufacturers should rigorously test their products in a variety of different settings. If your child experienced a sports equipment injury, our Washington, DC sports equipment product liability attorney will fight to help you get compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering.

Some sports equipment injuries can be especially devastating. Head injuries and concussions, for example, can lead to a loss of memory, brain function, and even the ability to complete basic, everyday activities. Sports equipment injuries are no laughing matter! Contact a Washington, DC product liability attorney today!