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Washington DC Medical Malpractice LawyerIf a prescription drug error has harmed you or a loved one, contact a Washington, DC medical malpractice lawyer today. Prescription drug errors occur thousands of times each year. From hospitals to pharmacies, these errors can cause harm, unwanted side effects, and even death. Accidents can occur when care providers work long hours, are under the influence of drugs, or simply are not paying attention. When errors occur, a prescription drug injury lawyer Washington DC region can help you get justice in your case.

Prescription drug errors can occur in a number of ways.

  • Prescriptions with common names can be mistaken for each other (such as Taxol for Taxotere).
  • Prescription dosages are misread or misinterpreted (100 mg instead of 10 mg).
  • Prescriptions are accidentally given to the wrong patient.

Although the FDA has instituted a number of changes to prevent prescription drug errors, they still occur at an alarming rate. Our prescription drug injury malpractice lawyer in Washington, DC can represent you in your case if a drug error has left you injured or suffering. Hospitals and pharmacies now carefully monitor individuals and medications to ensure that the proper medicine is given to the proper patient. But dosage errors still occur. Also, many doctors have handwriting that is difficult to read, and sometimes pharmacists have to try to interpret a medication when the writing is not clear. Obviously, this leaves room for error. If a pharmacist, doctor, or nurse made an error with your medication, call upon the best medical malpractice lawyer Washington, DC has to offer.

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Medical professionals vow to do no harm, however accidents can occur and someone must be held liable. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other care providers need to know that they must exercise extreme caution when handling medications. As a result of the extra precautions put into place by FDA regulations, care personnel may be laxer than ever before, counting on computers to detect any potential errors. Errors may slip through the cracks, however, and the results can be dangerous, and even deadly. If a prescription medication error has left you injured or resulted in the death of a loved one, contact a Washington, DC medical malpractice lawyer today for representation in your case.