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Washington DC Medical Malpractice LawyerPregnancy and childbirth is generally a time of happiness and excitement, but if errors have caused injuries or even death, you must contact the best obstetrical mistakes lawyer Washington, DC has to offer. Thousands of women give birth every day, and although childbirth is much less risky than ever before, there are still potential dangers. Obstetricians and medical personnel must carefully monitor the health of both the mother and the baby, and provide competent care throughout labor and delivery. If you believe your obstetrician or other medical care provider did not perform competently and you or your baby were injured due to their negligence, our Washington DC obstetrical mistakes lawyer can work with you to help you receive justice.

Although a number of errors can occur during pregnancy and childbirth, some common ones include:

  • Failure to diagnose preeclampsia
  • The incorrect use of tools to remove the baby (forceps and vacuum extraction)
  • Incorrect estimates of due date
  • The failure to take immediate action when either mother or baby present in distress

These are just a few of the many potential errors that can occur. If your obstetrician or healthcare provider did not perform in a competent manner, our obstetrical mistakes lawyers Washington, DC region can help determine if you have a case during a free consultation.

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An obstetrical mistakes malpractice lawyer Washington DC region can work with you to pursue justice in your case. An injury during pregnancy and childbirth can result in unexpected medical bills and time off work. A Washington, DC medical malpractice lawyer can help you receive compensation for these expenses. Sometimes you may not be aware than an error has occurred. You may know that something when wrong, but few doctors are willing to readily admit responsibility to an error. If you suspect that your doctor made choices for your care that did not meet the minimum acceptable standards, our experienced attorneys can review your case. We will work with medical experts and investigate your claim and consider your medical reports. If the actions of medical personnel have harmed you, contact a Washington, DC obstetrical mistakes lawyer today!