How Motorcycle Accidents Can Turn Fatal

How Motorcycle Accidents Can Turn Fatal

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, the majority of these crashes are caused by vehicle drivers. When sharing the road, car drivers just do not keep an eye out enough for motorcyclists that may be passing nearby. Accidents between a car driver and motorcyclist can quickly turn fatal for the rider, as he or she has no barrier to help deflect the impact. Motorcyclist injuries can become critical and life-threatening very quickly, so immediate medical attention should always be sought. Here in this article, we have provided more information regarding motorcycle accidents through a question and answer format.

What injuries are common for those involved in motorcycle accident?

Car accidents can be dangerous as they are, but when you add in a motorcyclist instead, things can become even more devastating. Motorcyclists who have been clipped by a car driver either through rear-ending, head-on or perpendicular may suffer any of the following injuries:

  1. Traumatic head injury (concussion, skull fracture, brain swelling and/or bleeding)
  2. Neck and back injuries (most often due to whiplash)
  3. Road rash (skin wounds that can lead to infection and/or nerve damage)
  4. Permanent muscle damage (leading to an inability to function as before)
  5. Extremity injuries (legs, arms, wrists, ankles)
  6. Biker’s Arm (when a rider puts his or her arms out to soften the blow of landing on the ground, only to suffer severe nerve damage up the arms)

What if I feel okay, should I get a check up with my doctor anyways?

A motorcyclist who was hit by a car should never just get up and back onto their bike. Even if you feel decent enough after the impact, you should always get medical attention. When we are put through a traumatic event, our bodies may receive a flood of adrenaline and other hormones which can mask our true injuries. It is best to get an exam from your doctor, so he or she can run the necessary diagnostics to determine the presence and severity of any injuries.

Can I sue the driver at-fault for compensation?

If you suffered costly injuries and other losses, you may want to meet with a legal professional as soon as possible. An attorney can perform an evaluation of what happened and give you advice about how to proceed next. You may be able to file a civil lawsuit in order to receive the compensation necessary to cover your medical bills and vehicle repairs. Many people do not realize they have certain rights when it comes to events that are caused by another person or party. A motorcycle accident attorney Longwood, FL trusts can answer any questions or concerns you have to help direct you onto the path you believe is best. For some, taking legal action may not be fruitful after all. But for others, they may be entitled to awards which cover their losses, plus some. Bring to the consultation all paperwork related to your injuries, vehicle damages and other financial losses. The more information you have for your attorney, the better.



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