Hoverboards Are State of the Art, But Are They Safe?

Hoverboards Are State of the Art, But Are They Safe?

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Product Liability Lawyer in DC, MD & VAHoverboards have soared in popularity, but recent incidents have caused some to question their safety. They are one of the hottest products this year. Built as a small board on two wheels, these futuristic devices spin, move forward and backward, and glide around, based on the movements of the rider. However, there have been reports of some of these boards catching fire and even exploding. In one case, the fire spread throughout the entire home.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking into approximately 20 incidents, however the majority of those cases are individuals who have fallen while riding the device. As product liability lawyers, we take such claims seriously. However, it seems that in the case of hoverboards, following proper precautions can prevent many injuries.

We are all about having fun. We love to bike, ski, exercise, and even try out new gadgets! But we’re also about making the world a safer place. Be careful – get informed! Exercise proper precautions and stay safe while you have fun. If you are considering a hoverboard, be vigilant and follow the tips below:

  • Look for the UL label. Items that bear this label have met stringent international safety standards.
  • Make sure you purchase it from a reputable dealer and check the return policy.
  • Do not leave the device unattended while charging and never charge it overnight.
  • Only use an appropriate charger. Never use off-brand or off-label chargers.
  • Do not text or use a cell phone while riding the device.
  • Wear proper protection, including a helmet, while using the device.
  • If the board becomes hot while you are using it, immediately stop and contact the manufacturer.
  • Inexpensive may equal inferior. Irresponsible manufacturers are creating counterfeit products and selling them for far less. These products are often made using unsafe parts that have not been tested.

Following proper protocol means a much safer ride, and fun for all!

If you or a loved one are injured as the result of an incident with a hoverboard or any other product, call our product liability lawyers! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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