Food Poisoning Lawyer Arlington VA

Gavel with law booksAll too often, a food poisoning lawyer Arlington VA residents rely on assists people in recovering compensation for foodborne illnesses.  Although most individuals suffer from a few days of unpleasant symptoms, around 130,000 Americans will require hospitalization. Unfortunately, for approximately 3,000 of these people, the illness is so bad that it results in a fatality.

What’s so concerning about these statistics from the CDC is that half of these 130,000 people will be infected by a viral pathogen that has no cure. Disturbingly, in most cases, the illness could have been prevented had there been mindful care from the food manufacturer, company, or restaurant involved.

An Arlington VA food poisoning lawyer, such as those at Cohen and Cohen, P.C., is here to help you make a wise decision on whether or not to pursue legal compensation. Should you choose to move forward with your claim, our lawyers will work diligently to ensure your legal rights are protected to their fullest.

The Most Common Pathogens That Cause Food Poisoning

There are numerous types of pathogens that may cause food poisoning. Some are viral or bacterial, while others are caused by a parasite. Do keep in mind that in the United States, certain foodborne illnesses such as hepatitis are not as prevalent as they might be in undeveloped countries. However, it is still possible to contract such an illness. By familiarizing yourself with the most common types of foodborne pathogens and their risks, you may be able to protect yourself and your family. Also, if you think you’ve contracted the following illnesses after consuming contaminated food, it is usually recommended to contact a food poisoning lawyer Arlington VA residents trust as soon as possible.

Norovirus Gastroenteritis

As the most common food poisoning pathogen in the U.S., norovirus is highly contagious and can lead to a chronic gastrointestinal disorder known as Post-Infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Generally, norovirus does not lead to serious symptoms, requiring only a few days of adequate rest and hydration.


The second most common food borne illness, also known as salmonella, is considered to be one of the more serious types of food poisoning, as it is the leading cause of death amongst all pathogens. Salmonella outbreaks generally occur from poultry, certain vegetables, nuts, and sprouts.  If you suspect you’ve consumed food contaminated by salmonella, a food poisoning lawyer in Arlington VA is available to discuss a possible claim.


Campylobacteriosis often comes from livestock and is generally not life threatening. For people with compromised immune symptoms, the elderly, children, or pregnant women, campylobacteriosis can spread to the bloodstream causing a serious — and possibly deadly — infection.


E.Coli. is one of the more common types of foodborne outbreaks in that it typically affects multiple people at the same time. The bacterium may lead to serious complications, especially when contracted by children. A skilled food poisoning lawyer Arlington VA has to offer may investigate medical records or call expert witnesses to help determine whether or not you or a loved one has been affected by E.Coli.

Contact an Experienced Food Poisoning Lawyer Arlington VA Offers

If you or a family member became sick after consuming food from a grocer, restaurant, or other establishment, you may be able to seek compensation for damages. Every claim is unique and will likely require a diligent investigation of the alleged negligent parties. Medical experts, testing, and any related records may also need to be examined to determine the type of foodborne pathogen. If you’ve experienced any of the following, you might want to consult an Arlington VA food poisoning lawyer:

  • Hospitalization from food poisoning
  • Long term health complications
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Death


Food poisoning can be both costly and traumatizing for the sufferer and their family. If you have experienced an illness as a result of eating contaminated or improperly prepared food, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. can help you seek monetary damages. To find out more, please schedule a free consultation with a food poisoning lawyer Arlington VA residents trust at (703) 997-2784.