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DC Elevator & Escalator Accident Attorney

DC Elevator & Escalator Accident AttorneyA Washington DC elevator accident lawyer is probably the last person on your mind when rushing to catch your metro train or entering your top floor office. However, a surprising number of Americans retain the services of personal injury attorneys for elevator and escalator related injuries every year. Elevators and escalators are two very different mechanisms that serve the same purpose: to save you time and energy in getting you where you need to go. They are so ubiquitous that we often forget– or are totally unaware of– the hidden dangers they pose. The Washington DC elevator and escalator accident lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, PC, however, are all too aware of these threats.


Unlike cars and other machines that are part of our daily lives, elevators are not subject to the rigorous safety regulations set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). State and local governments often have safety standards set forth and require regular inspection and maintenance for elevators. However, without CPSC stipulations in place, elevator flaws are not considered public information, and riders are often unaware of the defects. Furthermore, these machines and their parts are not subjected to recalls without CPSC regulation. Without federal government regulation, elevator injury laws can be particularly complex, and may require the service of a professional elevator accident attorney in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia.

Elevator injury causes fall into different categories:

  • Faulty doors- sometimes elevator doors may open without the elevator being in place, and an unwitting passenger may try to step on, only to fall down the shaft.
  • Sudden drops caused by flaws in the pulley system
  • Faulty electrical wiring, which may lead to electrocution
  • Wiring malfunction due to leaking or sprinklers
  • Incomplete repairs or inspection
  • Elevators that are unbalanced or do not meet the floor


Though escalators are less common than elevators, they may cause approximately fifteen times as many injuries. These injuries are most prevalent among children and the elderly. Escalators do not offer passengers the protective encasement of an elevator and they move passengers between floors at about two feet per minute. Typically they involve clothing and shoes being caught between steps or between the steps and the landing, or in the moving handrail. Often escalator injuries are a result of faulty design, or incomplete safety inspection. To avoid an elevator accident injury, you would be wise to avoid running, make sure your shoes are tied before stepping onto the escalator, and holding the hand rail. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an escalator injury, it is best to seek medical attention as quickly as possible and consult with an escalator injury attorney in Washington DC. Again, there are many possible causes for an escalator accident. Determining fault and navigating a path to compensation can be highly difficult without experienced legal counsel on your side.
Both elevator and escalator accidents can have life changing consequences for the victims. Because these accidents are less common than other forms of personal injury, and because the regulations may vary, you would be wise to hire a Washington DC personal injury attorney with experience in this particular area. For help from experienced elevator or escalator accident attorneys in Washington, DC, contact Cohen & Cohen, PC today.

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