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Washington DC Wrongful Death LawyerAs more and more people die due to defects, our Washington, DC defective automobile wrongful death attorney fights for justice in an increasing number of cases. More than ever before, millions of automobiles are being recalled due to defects. Sometimes these defects are minor and not particularly dangerous. But other recalls, like the recent massive Takata airbag recall, may be indicative of potentially deadly products. If a defective automobile took the life of a loved one, contact a wrongful death lawyer in Washington, DC to help determine if you may have a case.

Individuals spend tens of thousands of dollars on automobiles, and safety is scrutinized by manufacturers, regulating organizations, and consumers. Still, dangerous and defective equipment does get installed, and often these vehicles are not recalled until after a number of deaths have occurred. Our defective automobile accident wrongful death lawyer in Washington, DC understands that you expect the best from your vehicle and its manufacturer, and that when dangerous defects cause injuries or even death, you expect to hold them accountable. We agree that manufacturers should be held responsible in these cases, and we will do everything we can to bring your case to justice.

Often, manufacturers and their high-powered attorneys will be skeptical of your case. They may either offer a low-ball settlement or deny that a defective device caused the death. Our Washington DC wrongful death attorney does not accept these insulting behaviors. If there is a question as to the nature of the incident or the exact cause of death, our attorney will bring in a specialist to analyze the vehicle and any physical damage that occurred. Instead of it being your word against that of an automobile manufacturer, we will put respected experts on your side to help defend your case.

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Defective automobiles are a major hazard to consumers. The loss of your loved one certainly affects you and your family greatly. Your family may be dealing with a loss of income and a caretaker in addition to the loss of a loved one. Our wrongful death attorney Washington, DC region will work tirelessly to help you receive the compensation that you deserve in your case.