Car Accident Attorney Cheverly MD

Cohen and Cohen is the Car Accident Attorney Cheverly MD Can Trust

Car Accident Attorney Cheverly MDGetting injured in a car accident can be devastating, especially if you don’t have a car accident attorney Cheverly MD can rely on to fight for your rights. At Cohen and Cohen, a premiere Cheverly MD car accident attorney on our team is dedicated to getting you the compensation you deserve. While it may seem overwhelming, we’re pleased to walk you through the process of hiring the right car accident attorney for your needs.

What To Do Before You Meet with Your Cheverly MD Car Accident Attorney


Step 1: Gather all of your necessary documents

Before you schedule an appointment with the car accident attorney Cheverly MD residents turn to time and time again, you’ll need to get all of your appropriate documents together to bring with you. Here’s a list of just a few of the documents you may need:

  • The police report: right after you had the car accident, either you or the opposing party should have called the police to file a police report. Both you and the other party should have a copy of this police report, so bring your copy to your attorney.
  • Medical bills: no matter how many, or how few medical bills you have, you’ll need copies of all of them to bring to your car attorney
  • Any documentation you have of the accident: This could come in the form of pictures, written notes, or even dashcam footage. An experienced car accident attorney Cheverly MD can be confident in, will know use all of this material to build your case.


Step 2: Make sure that your claim is within the statute of limitations

You only have a limited time to file your claim against either your insurance company, or the opposing party’s insurance company. This limit of time is called the statute of limitations, and if you don’t file your claim within the deadline, you could find yourself unable to get any sort of remedy for your pain and suffering.

Step 3: Come to your appointment

At your no obligation consultation, Cohen and Cohen will live up to its stellar reputation as the premier car accident attorney Cheverly MD trusts with even its most complex of personal injury cases. We’ll listen to you, and to the details of your case, before plotting out a proper plan of attack to effectively build your argument for compensation. We’ll assess the risk versus reward for your case — i.e. is your case a trial candidate? Do you have a valid claim against the other party and/or the insurance company? These are just a few of the many questions that we’ll answer when determining the facets of taking on your case.

Furthermore, Cohen and Cohen doesn’t charge you a fee unless there’s money recovered on your behalf. As a well-known car accident attorney Cheverly MD calls upon to represent its community, Cohen and Cohen will be able to recover the maximum amount of money you deserve — whether it be from the insurance company, the opposing party, or both.

Cohen and Cohen is the Car Accident Attorney Cheverly MD Needs

While no attorney can claim to be the “best” car accident lawyer Cheverly MD has to offer, Cohen and Cohen is more than pleased to earn your business with its commitment to client satisfaction and a team of professional attorneys with several years of experience handling some of the most complex personal injury cases in your community. While past performance isn’t necessarily a guarantee of future success, Cohen and Cohen is committed to providing the premiere services you’ve come to expect from the car accident attorney Cheverly MD trusts with their personal injury cases.

We have people on call 24/7, so you can call us whenever is most convenient for you, making us the accessible car accident attorney Cheverly MD needs, day or night. Best of all, we offer a no obligation consultation for all of our potential clients before and agreement is signed.

So if you’ve been injured in a car accident, you need to protect your rights by hiring an attorney. Cohen and Cohen is a top car accident attorney Cheverly MD can believe in to get the job done, and we invite you to contact us today to see what we can do to get you the compensation you deserve.