Product Liability – Burns

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Washington DC Product Liability LawyerIf a dangerous product has caused you or a family member to receive burns, contact our Washington, DC product liability attorney today. Burns are a devastating injury. They are incredibly painful, can lead to extensive scarring and disfiguration, can become infected, and in some cases can even cause death. Dangerous products may cause burns through friction or heat. Some products, like hoverboards, can even catch fire. In such cases, burns can be very severe. Other products may overheat and cause burns. If a product has caused you burns that have required medical treatment, contact the best burn product liability attorney Washington, DC has to offer.

Burns are classified by degrees. First degree burns are superficial burns to the skin. They do not penetrate further than the dermis and do not blister. An example of a first degree burn is a sunburn. In the vast majority of these cases, first degree burns heal within a few days and do not require treatment. Second degree burns extend deeper beyond the dermis and involve blistering. Depending on the depth, these burns take several weeks to several months to heal. These burns usually result in scarring, which may be extensive. Third degree burns extend all the way into the fat. These burns are generally treated with surgical grafts and hospitalization. Severe scarring is certain, and infections may complicate recovery.

Chemical burns are another type of burn that may occur. Chemical burns are often associated with strong household cleaners and other, similar products. Chemical burns can also cause pain, redness, blistering, and scarring. These burns, if not treated promptly, can burn below the dermis just like other types of burns. We provide the best burn product liability attorney Washington, DC has to offer in these cases.

As you can see, burns can be very serious. Our Washington, DC burn product liability attorney will work with you to help you get compensation for your medical bills, lost pay, and pain and suffering. Although no amount of money can fix scars or the pain you have suffered, we believe that fair compensation will help you receive top medical treatments and not have to worry about your bills during this time. It also sends a message to manufacturers that they will be held responsible when their products hurt others. If a burn has hurt you or a loved one, contact our Washington, DC burn product liability attorney for a free consultation.