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DC Bicycle Accident AttorneyOur Washington DC bike and bicycle accident lawyers have carefully watched the rise in DC’s biking population over the last few years. As more and more professionals have moved to the area, many have turned to biking — either buying their own or using the Capital Bikeshare program — as a healthier, cheaper and more environmentally conscious means of transportation. While the number of cyclists has rapidly grown over the years, the city has not always been so quick in implementing proper safety infrastructure. Also, many Washington DC motorists are still unaccustomed to seeing cyclists on their roadways. The results are less conscious drivers and less safety for bicyclists throughout the city. If you are a regular bicyclist in Washington DC, you would be wise to take every safety precaution available to you and remain in contact with a Washington DC bicycle accident lawyer.

75% of Serious Bike Accidents Occur in Urban Areas like Washington DC

While there are many advantages to biking, cyclists also run many risks, particularly in our densely populated area. One UK study stated that roughly 75% of serious cycling accidents occur in urban areas. Common injuries include being:

  • Hit by a turning car
  • Hit by an opening door
  • Hit while riding against traffic
  • Hit at an intersection

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There are traffic laws to help prevent many of these specific accidents from occurring and, depending on the circumstances, the onus may be on the cyclist or the motorist involved. We are expected to do all in our power to prevent such an occurrence but sometimes circumstances arise that are beyond our control. Deciphering who is responsible and what the injured party is owed can be a complex process, one that is exacerbated by the pain, stress, and medical cost of an injury. If you believe someone’s reckless driving led to your injury, you may be entitled to compensation, and would benefit from knowing your legal rights and options.

Occasionally, bicycles may be improperly manufactured, resulting in serious injury or even death for their riders. Our product defect attorneys in Washington DC are all too familiar with such cases and understand the tragic impact that careless construction can have on one’s life. When you put your trust in a manufacturer’s product, the last thing you want to face is an injury due to a faulty bike chain or brake. Defects like this can lead to serious injuries or even the loss of one’s life. Our Washington DC bike and bicycle accident attorneys can help.

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